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Jagniątków. Move the Mount

[ Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Choreographers ]
Can dancers move mountains? Polish choreographers, at least, are highly interested in international collaboration. Their access to good training opportunities, however, is limited. To facilitate contact and exchange between German and Polish choreographers at the highest professional level, Büro Kopernikus organises the two-part meeting “Jagniątków. Move the Mount” in cooperation with the Independent Dancers Association (Poland) and Tanz Bremen (Germany). The 14 participants, among them choreographers, artists, and two moderators, will look into diverse aspects of contemporary dance with respect to its content and its aesthetic dimensions. Each choreographer has invited a guest from a different artistic field, whereby an interdisciplinary exchange is made possible. The meeting will take place in the home of Polish dancer Janusz Subicz (a former member of Pina Bausch Compagnie), located in Jagniątków (Agnetendorf) in the Karkonosze Mountains. The German Dance Film Institute Bremen will document a part of the German-Polish choreographers’ exchange. The meeting is expected to be repeated in 2006, results of the joint work will be presented in Germany.
Jagniątków (Agnetendorf, Karkonosze Mountains), Poland

2 - 18 September 2005

Participating Institutions / Cooperation Partners
Independent Dancers' Association
TANZ Bremen
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Edyta Kozak (Director, Independent Dancers Association, Poland), Janusz Marek (Director of the “Crossroads” Festival, Centre for Contemporary Art (CSW), Warsaw), Sabine Gehm (Artistic Director, Tanz Bremen)