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Jagniątków. Move the Mount

[ Participating Artists ]

Łukasz Borkowski

Born in 1974, Łukasz Borkowski studied animation and cultural management at the University of Zielona Góra. From 1990 to 1999 he worked with Jerzy Leszczyński and earned a degree in dance at his Teatr Wizji i Ruchu (Theater of Vision and Movement). Borkowski was engaged as a pantomime at theatres in Lublin, Grudziądz and Bielsko-Biala. Since 1999 he has been working as a presenter and author of various youth programmes for the Polish Television in Lublin. He has produced numerous short films and video clips. Since 2004 he has been VJ and press agent of the band “Sambasim Soundsystem,” since 2005 he has also freelanced as a producer of various youth programmes for Radio Centrum.

Isabel de Naverán

Born in 1976, Isabel de Naverán is a graduate of the University of the Basque Country (Department of Fine Arts). She participated in the Ph.D. course “Thoughts and Practice in Contemporary Art” at the University’s Department of Philosophy and Social Anthropology. Since 1998 she has been a member of a research group on the subject “Virtual Archive of Scenic and Action Arts” (coordination: José Antonio Sánchez) in Spain. In 2003 she participated in a choreography and composition workshop at the Contredanse, Brussels, under the direction of Marian del Valle and Monica Klingler (instructors: the artists Gilles and Stella Divivier). In the same year, Isabel de Naverán developed her first choreographic work. The choreography “La puta inocencia” (with Idoia Zabaleta) was selected for the dance festival “VII Rencontres Choregraphiques de Seine-Saint-Denis” in Paris.
Her work focuses on site-specific installations that combine audiovisual elements with performance art. Currently she is working on a thesis on the subject “Video as a window in new dance”.

Dr. phil. Kattrin Deufert

Born in 1973, Kattrin Deufert studied theatre, film and media studies in Frankfurt on the Main, London and Brussels. She worked as a programme coordinator for art projects at the Goethe-Institut in Brussels and in the programme division for New Music at Hessischer Rundfunk. With Manfred H. Wenninger she founded the independent ensemble “Breakthrough”. From 1997 to 2000 she was a doctoral candidate in the post-graduate programme “Körper-Inszenierungen” (“Stagings of the Body”) of the Freie Universität Berlin, where she earned a doctorate with her dissertation “John Cages Theater der Präsenz” (“John Cage’s Theatre of Presence”). In 2002 she co-founded the “Diskursive Poliklinik” (DPK) in Berlin and, together with Thomas Plischke, the “frankfurter küche” (FK) in Leipzig. At FK, Kattrin Deufert has been working exclusively with Thomas Plischke as the artist twins “deufert + plischke” since 2003. Their works include various theatre projects, slide and video installations, as well as text and video publications. Their plays “inexhaustible (RW)”, “Directory”, and “As if (it was beautiful)” were also developed at FK. “deufert + plischke” are members of the international artists collective “Veronika Blumstein Group”; they live in Hamburg.

Ewa Garniec

Born in 1980, Ewa Garniec is a graduate of Warsaw’s Akademia Teatralna. Since 2003 she has been working as an assistant to light designer Felice Ross. In 2003 and 2004 she was also light designer and light technician at Warsaw’s Teatr Rozmaitości. Ewa Garniec regularly works for productions of the Teatr Narodowy and the Teatr Wielki (National Opera) in Warsaw.

Sabine Gehm

Geboren 1960. Studium der Kulturwissenschaften.
Von 1988 bis 1994 arbeitete Sabine Gehen als geschäftsführende Direktorin beim Internationalen Sommertheater Festival Hamburg. Von 1994 bis 2001 war sie als Dramaturgin am Internationalen Zentrum für zeitgenössische darstellende Künste Kampnagel in Hamburg. Dort zeigte sie sich für das internationale Tanzprogramm, das internationale Tanzfestival „IndepenDance Days“ und im Jahre 2000 für die Tanzplattform Deutschland verantwortlich.
1995 begründet sie „Junge Hunde“ mit. Ein europäisches Netzwerk der darstellenden Künste, dessen Koordinatorin sie seit 2001 ist. Das jährliche internationale Festival jünger Künstler gleichen Namens ist ebenfalls am Kampnagel beheimatet.
Seit 2002 ist Sabine Gehm Künstlerische Leiterin des internationalen Tanzfestivals TANZ BREMEN, 2004 übernahm sie die Projektleitung des Deutschen Tanzkongresses, der von der Kulturstiftung des Bundes initiiert wurde.

Helena Gołąb

Born in 1973 in Rydultowy, Poland.
She studied at the dance department at Panstwowe Pomaturalne Studium Ksztalcenia Animatorow Kultury i Bibliotekarzy in Opolu (National Study of Culture, Animation and Library). In 2002 she graduated at the School for New Dance Development (SNDD/SNDO) in Amsterdam, where she studied for four years high education in dance and choreography. She did her stage in Venezuela and New York. Caracas: “Instituto Universitario de Danza”, where she colaborated and performed with professional Contemporary Dance Company “Neodanza”. New York: Dance Space Center, Movement Research and Dance Salon. In November 2003 she took a part and won the II Dance Marathon in San Sebastian. In the 2004 she got scholarship from the Kultural Kontakt Austria and she was Artist in Resident in TanzQuartier Wiena, as well in Choreographic Center in Linz. In a same year she got invited to participate in project “Nova Polska” in France where she work with French choreographer Serge Ricci. As well in 2004 she went to India where she studied yoga. In 2005 she participated an interdisciplinary laboratory for choreographers “move the mount” - Jagniatkow ´05.
Creations as a choreographer: "Pozytywka" (Opole - Poland, 1996); "Line" (Amsterdam - Holland, 1999 ); Solo: "Stereotype (not)" ( Amsterdam–Holland, Bytom - Poland, 2000; Caracas – Venezuela, 2001; San Sebastian-Spain, 2002); "The Right Bell" (Amsterdam, 2001/02; Linz - Austria, 2003); Street performance: “Tellagorri” in collaboration with Natalia Monge (Algorta, 2001; Hueska - Spain, 2003); ”Neutron 918´s” – improvisation performance, (Amsterdam, 2001/02); ”Radio East” (Amsterdam-Holland, 2001, Warsaw, Zielona Gora - Poland, 2003); ”Strange Kind “ (Linz-2004); “Debut ” (2004); “Solo,not so” in collaboration with video artist Johannes Lernpeiss (Vienna-2004).
She took part in many dance projects shown in Holland, Germany, Spain, Poland, Croatia, Venezuela and France. In 2002 she performed in “Impro avond” with the dutch Companies Hans Hof Ensemble and Bambie. As well in : “Blue**Disco” (2003) by Canadian choreographer Ame Henderson; “Tu o yo” (2003), “Es3in” (2004) by Spainish chor Natalia Monge; “Nova Polska” (2004) by French chor Serge Ricci and “Memoria” (2005) by Spanish chor Blanca Arrieta.

Paweł Goźliński

Paweł Goźliński studied Theatre Studies at Akademia Teatralna in Warsaw, and is a doctoral fellow at the Literary Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. At the same time he works as editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine of “Gazeta Wyborcza.”
Paweł Goźliński teaches at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw. Besides, he writes reviews for the daily newspapers “Życie Warszawy” and “Życie.” He is particulary interested in Polish romanticism as well as in theory and practice of contemporary performing arts.
His reviews, essays, and interviews appeared in the Polish theatre magazines “Teatr,” “Dialog,” “Didaskalia,” and “Notatnik Teatralny.”
His books are: “Aktor teoretyczny” (“The Theoretical Actor”) and “Dramat polski. Interpretacje” (“Polish Drama. Interpretations”).

Angela Guerreiro

Born in 1965 in Lisbon, Angela Guerreiro received training in classical dance (on the model of the Royal Academy of Dance). She studied at the Superior Dance School in Lisbon and the Center of New Dance Development in Arnhem. From 1990 to 1994 she was a member of the Portuguese group RE.AL / Joao Fiadeiro. Now she lives and works in Hamburg. The choreographies that Angela Guerreiro developed for the Kulturfabrik Kampnagel in Hamburg were performed at international dance and theatre festivals in Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Portugal, Canada, and Brazil.

Anna Jankowska

Born in 1971. As a dancer, Anna Jankowska was a member of the TRAVA Group in Berlin (cooperation with Heini Nukari). She received her training in the School on Wheels DEREVA (Germany), the Odin Theatre (Denmark) and at the Leszek Madzik Visual Theatre School (Poland). Jankowska is interested in surrealist and theatrical trends in contemporary dance.

Sven Kacirek

Born in 1975 in Hamburg, he took his first drumming lessons in as an adult at the Drummers Collective in New York and at the Arnhem Conservatory. At the “Yamaha Music Station”, Sven Kacirek works together with Jost Nickel. He teaches at the Hamburg Music School and writes the monthly “Modern Beats” column for the drum magazine “Sticks”. His most important project at the moment is the band “Field”, which has so far released two Albums, “Cocoon” and “Trespass”. Sven Kacirek lives in Hamburg.
“Drum ’n’ Bass - Creative Concepts For Drummers” and “Secret Drum Grooves”.
You can find out more at www.svenkacirek.de

Ryszard Kalinowski

Born in 1971. Graduate of Dance and Theatre at the Faculty of Pedagogy at the Maria-Sklodowska-Curie University in Lublin.
From 1993 to 2001, Ryszard Kalinowski was a dancer with the Contemporary Dance Group of the Lublin Technical University. Since 2001, he has been a dancer and choreographer at the Lublin Dance Theatre. He is also the coordinator of the International Lublin Dance Theatre Festival and co-organiser and teacher of the Open Dance Conditioning Workshop in Lublin. His theoretical and practical experience is mainly in the fields of Polish dance theatre, Polish expressionist theatre and pantomime.

Edyta Kozak

Edyta Kozak (born in 1969) – choreographer, dance curator, the founder and president of Independent Dancers Association, which since 1995 is participating in the active development and promotion of contemporary dance in Poland and abroad; she created international contemporary dance festival “Small Forms of Dance Theatre”, and „body_mind”- the largest and most important Association project, which provides opportunity for both artists and Warsaw audience to discover new artistic trends from around the world;
Graduated National Ballet School and Academy of Music in Warsaw; danced as a soloist at Teatr Wielki in Warsaw and Stadttheater Bern, Switzerland as well as independent dancer at Dance Theatre NEI. She is choreographing and working on independent project and collaborating with theatre, TV and events productions. She is co-founder of artistic multimedia group Made Inc. She is an author of education and artistic projects as well as publications of polish dance. She is partner of 3 dance networks: East-West, International Leadership Dance Forum , Aerovawes. In 2003 r she received Minister of Culture award for “ dance art. promotion”. Since 2004 she has been dance curator at scena impresaryjna of National Theatre in Warsaw.

Janusz Marek

Geboren 1955 in Warschau. Studium der Polonistik an der Warschauer Universität.
In den 70er und 80er Jahren war Janusz Marek als Puppenspieler in der „Bewegung des jungen Theaters“ aktiv. Seit den 80er Jahren wirkt er in Kulturinstitutionen Warschaus, so z.B. Kunstzentrum „Studio“. Zudem dozierte er am Lehrstuhl für Kultur an der Warschauer Universität. Seit 1992 ist Janusz Marek Kurator von „performing arts“ am CSW (Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst) in Warschau. Im Jahre 1994 rief er das Internationale Treffen der Aktionskunst „Rozdroże“ (Scheideweg) ins Leben, welches jedes Jahr im November in Warschau stattfindet. Marek ist außerdem Autor zahlreicher Artikel und Skripte zum polnischen Theater.

Antje Pfundtner

Born in 1976, Antje Pfundtner studied in Amsterdam, at the Amsterdamse Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. She moved to New York with the help of a stipend, where she studied with Ori Flomin among others. Since 1999 she has been active with diverse companies as a freelance dancer and choreographer, for example with David Hernandez, Tony Vezich and the “Magpai Production Group”. Her first solo piece “eigensinn” (“obstinacy”) was produced for the Kampnagel Culture Factory in Hamburg. Her works “überMutter” (“Super Mother”) and “Das hängt davon ab” (“That depends”) were performed as part of the “Peculiarities” and “Fire + Flame” festivals at Kampnagel. Antje Pfundtner lives in Hamburg.


Pipon was born in Morocco in 1957. He has worked for diverse film and theatre festivals in Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Since 1983, he has created light and stage designs for various theatre and musical productions, films and concerts, and has worked with several directors including Ariane Mnouchkine, Patrice Chéreau, and Werner Schroeter. Apart from this, Pipon has produced light installations for productions at the “Thèatre La Charabotte (Hauteville, Frankreich, 1996) and at several theatres in Munich, Nuremberg, Tunisia and Spain. He has created his own performances with light since 1990, e.g. “The mask of the red death” (1994) and has also undertaken installations to order, such as at the MDR (Central German Radio) Music Summer (2005).

Peter Pleyer

Supervisor zahlreicher Bühnenstücke. Zunächst Schauspieler an deutschen Theatern, später Tanzstudium am European Dance Development Centre der Art Academy Arnhelm, Niederlande. Tänzer und Choreografie-Assistent bei Yoshiko Chuma (New York) und Mark Tompkins (Paris). Langjährige Zusammenarbeit mit Ezter Gal (Budapest), gemeinsame Choreografien und Improvisationen auf verschiedenen Festivals (u.a. „New York Impro Festival“). Das gemeinsame Duett „practise what you preach“ wurde in vielen europäischen Ländern aufgeführt, auch in Polen und Russland.
Dozent für Release- und Contact-Improvisation an der „Art Academy Arnhem“. Seit kurzem lebt Peter Pleyer in Berlin, wo er sich verstärkt der Tanztheorie widmet. Weiterhin betreut er Tanzproduktionen und erprobt neue Methoden des Trainings und der Choreografie.

Thomas Plischke

Born in 1971, Thomas Plischke studied at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Unversität in Munich and at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. He was a founding member of B.D.C. and of the “frankfurter küche” (frankfurt kitchen) in Leipzig. In the latter, he works exclusively with Kattrin Deufert as his artistic twin in “deufert + plischke”. The pair produces theatre projects, slide and video installations, and text and video publications. In 1998 Thomas Plischke was awarded the Philip Morris scholarship for “most outstanding performer”, and in 2000 he received the Dance Promotion Prize of the City of Munich. In the same year, the magazine “Ballet International” declared him the “most important new choreographic talent”. In the 1990s, Thomas Plischke choreographed three solo pieces “Fleur”, “Demgegenüber Borniertheit” (“On the other hand, bigotry”), and “l'homme A SORTIR AVEC son corps”, as well as the group piece “Events for Television (again)”. With Kattrin Deufert, since 2001, he has created such pieces as “inexhaustible (RW)”, “Directory” and “As if (it was beautiful)”. Thomas Plischke lives in Hamburg.

Jagniątków (Agnetendorf, Karkonosze Mountains), Poland

2 - 18 September 2005

Participating Institutions / Cooperation Partners
Independent Dancers' Association
TANZ Bremen
Edyta Kozak (Director, Independent Dancers Association, Poland), Janusz Marek (Director of the “Crossroads” Festival, Centre for Contemporary Art (CSW), Warsaw), Sabine Gehm (Artistic Director, Tanz Bremen)

Peter Pleyer
Paweł Goźliński