Mobile Academy in Warsaw: “Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms, and the Places Where They Live”
Mobile Academy in Warsaw: “Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms, and the Places Where They Live”
Polarising debates within a society provide axes along which people’s senses of identity can be more clearly depicted than by using any stereotypes. Many projects involved taking these disputed topics to different localities in order to develop new approaches and to work with these axes. The young publicist, Paweł Goźliński, looks to the media for an opportunity to tackle his own particular field. The Poles do like their political theatre. A refined pamphlet against the dumbing down of the people, a voice of reason and justice, a plea for quality in journalism, which also addresses German authors in no uncertain terms. The fact that female artists are denied their talent and that they are publicly denigrated is ahotly debated topic in our discussions. As nationalist-Catholic thought is booming and the abortion ban stays in place, feminist resistance is regrouping.

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The Polish Political Reality Show

The theatre academic Paweł Goźliński takes arms against the hogwash in the media, against the talk-show mania and the politicians who would have done better becoming second-rate actors.

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Emancipation as a Social Barometer

The artist Anna Krenz lives in Berlin and the art historian, Iza Kowalczyk, in Poznan. Both these Polish women are striving, in their own ways, for feminism. They are not making themselves popular, and they know it.

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