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Unsound Festival

In November 2006, the Unsound Festival takes place in Kraków for the fourth time. As a premiere some of the events will be held in Bytom. RadioSimulator produces a daily programme during the whole festival.

Bytom, Kronika
13–26 November 2006
The idea of Unsound Festival comes from Australia, from the city called Wagga Wagga. One week before Unsound Festival in Kraków, a special edition of the festival will take place in Australia. RadioSimulator will take part in the European-Australian dialogue by creating a bridge between two continents and recreating the atmosphere of the city, through audiovisual maps of Australia seen through the eyes of European artists. The programme will include recordings of soundwalks from the city, plays concerning stereotypes associated with culture and concerts of musicians playing digiridoo. RadioSimulator is not only the sound. RadioSimulator’s residence in Bytom, will be also manifested by the exhibition “Noborders”. Australia, as the only continent without borders, will become a pretext for the artists to examine, what the borders are, what can not be shared and if in a contemporary world “Temporary Autonomy Zones” are possible.
Apart from Australian accents, the issues of local community, as well as Polish-German dialogue will be stressed. The radio program will be open for presentation of Silesian and European contemporary artists. There will be a space for commissioned intermedia works (5 special programs during 7 days) and screening of video art (with special attention to One Minutes films).

Kraków, Pauza Club
20–16 November 2006

During the Unsound Festival in Kraków, RadioSimulator will be invited to create a special public zone for its activity. RadioSimulator will have its own studio in Pauza Club, which will share space with the gallery, where there is an opportunity to present other art works like videos, photos, drawings, or installations. The studio will be open for all artists of the Unsound Festival to create synergies between artists and to involve the local scene in creating the programme structure, to let people speak about the activities going on in the city and let them use radio as a medium and art space. RadioSimulator will leave the virtual space for more interaction with the listeners and audience. The detailed program of RadioSimulator’s presentation in Kraków and a list of all involved artists will be prepared in close collaboration with the Unsound team to enable the real involvement and interaction of all artists. The programme will include own artistic productions as well as commissioned works (5 works). There is also planned a one-day seminar related to the topic of intermedia in the artistic activities with participation of artists and commissioned experts.
Bytom, Kraków
Bytom: 13 - 19 November 2006, Kronika
Kraków: 20 - 26 November 2006, Club Pauza, Unsound Festival
Participating Institutions
Kronika, Bytom