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Veronika Blumstein - Moving Exiles

[ Festival for invention and choreography ]
The Veronika Blumstein Group is an international artists collective, its members being Dr. Kattrin Deufert, Thomas Plischke, Dr. Paweł Goźliński, Helena Gołąb, Isabel de Naverán, Peter Pleyer, and Antje Pfundtner.
It originated from “Move The Mount”, an interdisciplinary laboratory for choreographers from Germany and Poland that was initiated by Büro Kopernikus and took place in September 2005 in Jagniątków in the Karkonosze Mountains.
The artists of the Veronika Blumstein Group are interested in Live Art, performance art, performance criticism and performance theory. Their activities are centred around the reconstruction of the life and artistic work of the fictitious choreographer Veronika Blumstein (*1940).

From 12 to 14 October 2006 the festival “Veronika Blumstein – Moving Exiles” takes place at Schwankhalle Bremen. Featuring performances, talks, workshops, and a theory salon, the festival celebrates the formation of the collective.

Participating artists and speakers:
Veronika Blumstein (birthday girl from Warsaw/New York), Łukasz Borkowski (theorist and media artist from Lublin), Prof. Barbara Büscher (media and performance theorist from Leipzig), Club der polnischen Versager (Berlin), Dr. Kattrin Deufert & Thomas Plischke (artist twins from Hamburg), Dr. Kerstin Evert (dramaturg and performer from Hamburg), Helena Gołąb (dancer and choreographer from Bilbao/Warsaw), Dr. Paweł Goźliński (theatre theorist and editorial journalist from Warsaw), Angela Guerreiro (dancer and choreographer from Hamburg), Emil Hrvatin (performer, theorist, editor of MASKA from Ljubljana), Isabel de Naverán (media artist and performer from Bilbao), Peter Pleyer (dancer and choreographer from Berlin), Antje Pfundtner (dancer and choreographer from Hamburg), Dr. Janine Schulze (theorist and performer from Leipzig)
Schwankhalle Bremen

12 - 14 October 2006

Participating Institution
Impuls e.V. , Bremen
Schwankhalle Bremen
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