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Jagniątków. Move the Mount

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Independent Dancers Association, Warsaw

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TANZ Bremen

TANZ Bremen is one of the leading German festivals for contemporary dance. With its distinguished programme of international guest performances it is not only a forum for established choreographers, but at the same time a stage for young talents, for experiments and new beginnings (e.g., Marie Chouinard, Les Ballets C. de la B., Josef Nadj, Catherine Diverres, Urs Dietrich, Cie Fatoumi-Lamoureux, Het Hans Hof, Andreya Ouamba, Jérôme Bel).
The festival programme is accompanied by a comprehensive supporting programme of events, such as workshops, audience talks, and seminars.
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Jagniątków (Agnetendorf, Karkonosze Mountains), Poland

2 - 18 September 2005

Participating Institutions / Cooperation Partners
Independent Dancers' Association
TANZ Bremen