Ambassadors – Research Programme - 1

Ambassadors – Research Programme

[ Work exchange for artists and curators ]
In Germany and Poland cultural life often takes place away from the large urban centres. In both countries there are a number of smaller institutions (art associations, galleries, arts centres, theatres) that host high quality events and are superbly managed. But it also takes a great deal of time and interest to survey the activities in smaller cities such as Wolfsburg, Bytom, Gdańsk, or Oldenburg. The institutions are struggling with similar financial problems in both countries. Their survival will also be an indicator of the quality of current cultural politics. With the Ambassadors research programme, Büro Kopernikus concentrates on institutions beyond the art metropolises of both countries.

Building on research carried out for about three months at a cultural institution in the neighbouring country, Polish and German artists and curators are jointly developing rojects that combine or fuse influences from German and Polish cultural contexts.

During their stay, the five artists and curators are affiliated with a gallery, an art association, or a similar art institution that will provide them with logistic and conceptual support.

Florian Zeyfang will develop his project “1,2,3... Avant-Gardes" in Poland.

Anna Płotnicka has been invited by Motorenhalle Dresden– Projektzentrum für Zeitgenössische Kunst (direction: Frank Eckhardt) to work on her project “Krzątanina / Bustle”.

Malgorzata Jankowska will develop her project in Stuttgart as a guest of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart (direction: Elke aus dem Moore).

Dorota Grobelna has been invited by Edith-Ruß-Haus für Medienkunst Edith-Ruß-Haus in Oldeburg to develop her project “When a text becomes a picture”.

Roman Dziadkiewicz
In cooperation with Westfälischer Kunstverein Münster and its director Carina Plath, he will develop his project SFX: Publiczność - Spontane Öffentlichkeiten Publiczność – Öffentlichkeit”.
Life on the Edge
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