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Weigand, Hans
Hans Weigand works in various media including painting, photography, film, video, guitar rock, sculpture, architecture, ‘Kunst am Bau’, printed matter, typography, design, book production, and the technical and aesthetic application of the computer. Breaking through the boundaries between technique and media, his parallel engagement in all of these various realms creates a kind of networking structure, which unceasingly produces new perspectives through non-linear crossover and interpolation of the High and Low, and sharpens the blurriness of these parallel existing worlds. He surfs between psychedelic, pop culture, the afterworld, circular, transcendental, and fictional universes, putting them into perspective so that what is described as the ‘real world’, in various contexts, is recognized for its absurdity. His strategies of questioning reality take place in an area of conflict marked by banality and subtlety. His interest in a conceptual ‘will-to-order’ stands in opposition to the principles of fluidity, fleetingness, an acceptance of chaos, and hybridization. A reflection of myths, dogmas, ideologies or messages are included in his work, whereby those scientific statements and scraps of ‘official’ information are put into question, making apparent the manipulation of information and the power of suggestion as a market strategy.
He also makes music: In the 1980s, he played in the art-rock band Pas Paravent; in the 1990s he formed a ‘noise dilettante’ duo with Heimo Zobernig; and in 2002 he founded the band Crinkum Crankum with the American underground/punk legend Raymond Pettibon.
(From the catalogue WEIGAND, HANS. SAT., published by Peter Noever, 1998)
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