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Goźliński, Paweł
Paweł Goźliński studied Theatre Studies at Akademia Teatralna in Warsaw, and is a doctoral fellow at the Literary Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. At the same time he works as editor-in-chief of the weekly magazine of “Gazeta Wyborcza.”
Paweł Goźliński teaches at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw. Besides, he writes reviews for the daily newspapers “Życie Warszawy” and “Życie.” He is particulary interested in Polish romanticism as well as in theory and practice of contemporary performing arts.
His reviews, essays, and interviews appeared in the Polish theatre magazines “Teatr,” “Dialog,” “Didaskalia,” and “Notatnik Teatralny.”
His books are: “Aktor teoretyczny” (“The Theoretical Actor”) and “Dramat polski. Interpretacje” (“Polish Drama. Interpretations”).
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