Unwanted Heritage/Moderne Heimat Leipzig
Unwanted Heritage/Moderne Heimat Leipzig
Dream Cities and Ghost Towns
In no other Polish city is there such friction between the needs of modern urban life and the desire for an authentic rehabilitation of its historical architecture than in Gdansk: a dreamy image somewhere between progress and history; a dream city between the traditional and the modern. An urban history of a different is described in the childhood and youth of a young Polish writer among the great blocks of the planned socialist city, Nowa Huta. Today, this exemplary model town is experiencing a second youth. It has suddenly become chic to stroll along the broad boulevards and to visit the doner kebab shops.

Unwanted Heritage/Moderne Heimat Leipzig

The Trouble with Modernity - Architectural Culture in Gdansk

The art historian, Jacek Friedrich, loves the modern architecture of his hometown, Gdansk. But he stands alone, for the majority of his fellow citizens prefer the picturesque streets of the historical city centre.

The Futurism of Industrial Cities - 100 Years of Wolfsburg/Nowa Huta

Nowa Huta. Oranges just for Looking At

Nowa Huta, which roughly translated means “New [Steel] Mill”, is the location of a vast steel working plant founded in 1949, just to the east of Krakow. Growing up in here, everything was perfectly normal, until you reached puberty. Nowa Huta revisited.

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