Mobile Academy in Warsaw: “Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms, and the Places Where They Live” - 1Mobile Academy in Warsaw: “Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms, and the Places Where They Live” - 2

Mobile Academy in Warsaw: “Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms, and the Places Where They Live”

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Mobile Academy, Berlin

The Mobile Academy is a temporary learning unit that keeps changing its location and offers an interdisciplinary intensive programme on varying themes. Under the guidance of international artists and experts, the participants develop projects, studies, and presentations in different courses, which are complemented by theory classes and field trips relating to the Academy’s current theme.
The Mobile Academy Warsaw takes place from 25 August to 10 September 2006; the theme is “Ghosts, Spectres, Phantoms, and the Places Where They Live.” The Mobile Academy is a project by Hannah Hurtzig with changing partners.
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TR WARSZAWA (Teatr Rozmaitości, Warsaw)

TR WARSZAWA (Teatr Rozmaitości, Warsaw), located at 8 Marszałkowska Street, has for decades been one of Poland’s best-known stages. It has secured a reputation as a contemporary theatre that is open to new ideas while preserving theatrical traditions. TR has made its mark in Europe and won numerous awards at national and international theatre festivals. Poland’s most popular stage directors – Grzegorz Jarzyna (artistic director since 1998, since 2006 also general director), Krzysztof Warlikowski, and Krystian Lupa – and most famous actors work at TR. The theatre constantly looks for new forms of theatrical expression, not only in contemporary drama, but also in reinterpretations of classic plays. Well-known new stagings of classics include the controversially received production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” under the direction of Krzysztof Warlikowski (1999), “Magnetyzm serca” (Magnetism of the Heart) after Aleksandr Fredro’s “Śluby Panieńskie” (Maidens’ Vows) directed by Sylwia Torsh (a pseudonym of Grzegorz Jarzyna) (1999), “Książę Myszkin” (Prince Myshkin) after Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot”, adapted and staged by Mikołaj Warianow (another pseudonym of Grzegorz Jarzyna) (2000), as well as Warlikowski’s productions of “Bachantki” (The Bacchae) by Euripides (2001) and “Burza” (The Tempest) by Shakespeare (2003). In 2007 Jarzyna will stage Shakespeare’s “Macbeth”.
Other plays reflect recent social changes with their attendant problems: “Uroczystość” (Celebration) by Mogens Rukov and Thomas Vinterberg, direction: H7 (yet another pseudonym of Grzegorz Jarzyna), “Obróbka” (The Treatment) by Martin Crimp, direction: Artur Urbański (both 2002), “Stosunki Klary” (Clara’s Relations) by Dea Loher, direction: Krystian Lupa, and “Dybuk” after Szymon Anski and Hanna Krall, direction: Krzysztof Warlikowski (both 2003); in addition, productions of Sarah Kane’s plays: “Oczyszczeni” (Cleansed) (2001) and “4.48 Psychosis” (2002).
The 2003/04 season at TR was themed TEREN WARSZAWA (Terrain Warsaw) and sought to promote the potential and creativity of the city, of its places and people, and to involve young, talented persons from outside the theatre scene into the programme. In January 2000, monthly encounters between visual art and contemporary dramatic art were introduced at TR, which quickly developed into the Monday series “Exhibitions at TR”, “Film at TR”, “New Dramatic Art at TR”, and “Concert at TR”. The events present works of the best known, most controversial, and most interesting artists, and of young playwrights from Poland and abroad.
In the 2005/06 season, the theatre invites its audience to participate in a new project: TR/PL, which looks for a dramatic form that corresponds to present-day Poland.
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25 August - 10 September 2006

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Teatr Rozmaitości, Warsaw