The Mousetrap - 1

The Mousetrap

[ program ]
Panel 1 – October 15th
Doing the better Mousetrap: New approach to institution-making

Thomas Wulffen – moderator
Nicolas Bourriaud
Maria Lind
Barbara Steiner

Panel 2 – October 15th
Self empowerment – the escape from the Mousetrap?

Hedwig Fijen – moderator
Sebastian Cichocki
Dorota Monkiewicz
Jarosław Suchan
Aneta Szyłak

Panel 3 – October 16th
Art History vs. Mousetrap

Prof. Maria Hussakowska – moderator
Barnabas Bencsik
Nicholaus Schaffhausen
Andrzej Szczerski
WYSPA Institute of Art/ Wyspa Progress Foundation, Gdansk

15-16 October 2005

Participating Institution
WYSPA Institute of Art in Gdansk,