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[ Electronic music and art in Bytom and Wolfsburg ]
Curated by the Kunstverein Wolfsburg, a temporary club for electronic music and current art will be set up in the Upper Silesian city of Bytom. The six-week programme comprises workshops, a weekly newspaper, concerts, performances, exhibitions, film screenings, and video art. The programme is primarily geared towards a young audience. At the club, pop and youth culture intersect with established forms of cultural production. After Bytom, the club can be visited at Kunstverein Wolfsburg.
Jana III Sobieskiego 2, Bytom
Kunstverein Wolfsburg
Bytom: 8 August - 24 September 2005
Wolfsburg: 15 October - 20 November 2005
Participating Institutions
Galeria Kronika, Bytomskie Centrum Kultury, Bytom
Kunstverein Wolfsburg
After the Coal: new-old Upper Silesia
Working or not Working?
projects on the topic:
The Futurism of Industrial Cities – 100 Years of Wolfsburg/Nowa Huta
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