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The Futurism of Industrial Cities – 100 Years of Wolfsburg/Nowa Huta

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Goethe-Institut Kraków

The Goethe-Institut, founded in 1951, is the cultural institute of the Federal Republic of Germany and operates all over the world. It promotes knowledge of the German language abroad and fosters international cultural collaboration. In addition, it communicates a comprehensive image of Germany by providing information on its culture, society, and politics.
The Goethe-Institut Kraków was established in 1991, one year after the Goethe-Institut Warsaw.
The Goethe-Institut Kraków organises and supports a broad range of cultural events in order to develop and consolidate cultural interrelations and partnerships between Germany and Poland and to encourage dialogue and exchange of experiences with artists and art professionals from Germany and other European countries. Its main focus is on contemporary culture.
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Kunstverein Wolfsburg

[Wolfsburg Art Association]
Founded in 1959, the Kunstverein has operated under its own management since 1999. With a new profile, it presents exhibitions and projects of international contemporary art that often give attention to Wolfsburg as a location for industry and commerce. Every year the association develops a thematically unified annual programme of exhibitions and projects, which are supplemented by talks, discussions, film evenings, and concerts.
The Kunstverein is a registered association offering special services for its members, such as members trips to art capitals, annual art gifts, reductions on art catalogues, and free admission to over 200 art associations in Germany. The institution sees itself as a platform for current themes in art.
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Laźnia Nowa, Cracow/Nowa Huta

Łaźnia Nowa is the youngest cultural institution of the City of Kraków and it works on the terrain of the post-industrial district Nowa Huta. Its programme is realised in cooperation with European partners, in coproductions and authors’ projects, as well as in interaction with the local public. Łaźnia Nowa’s projects combine artistic with social activity – performances, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, film screenings and multimedia presentations, encounters and workshops take place in a large area of former factory buildings. In addition, the theatre publishes the free monthly “Lodołamacz – pismo ludzi walczących” (“Icebreaker”). The projects are also realised outside of Łaźnia Nowa’s premises. Thus the revitalisation of Nowa Huta through artistic activities takes place in its streets, backyards, and concrete tower blocks.
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Kunstverein Wolfsburg
Łaźnia Nowa, Cracow-Nowa Huta
Wolfsburg: 10 Dec. 2005 – 19 Feb. 2006
Nowa Huta: 14 Oct. – 12 Nov. 2006
Participating Institutions
Kunstverein Wolfsburg
Łaźnia Nowa, Cracow-Nowa Huta
Goethe-Institut Krakau