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Unwanted Heritage/Moderne Heimat Leipzig

[ Accompanying events in Gdańsk ]
Unwanted Heritage?

The exhibition is accompanied by a symposium on the question “Unwanted Heritage?” at Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art. Participants are: Stefan Chwin (writer), Jacek Dominiczak (architect, Gdańsk Academy of Fine Arts), Jacek Friedrich (art historian and curator of the exhibition “Unwanted Heritage”), Artur Kostarczyk (historian of architecture, Gdańsk University), Wojciech Targowski (philosopher, Gdańsk University), and Donald Tusk (Vice President of the Sejm); moderator: Józef Tarnowski (philosopher, Gdańsk University).

[A transcript of the discussion appeared as volume 2 of the exhibition catalogue (Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art 2005, ISBN 83-918763-3-0).]

Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk
Oper Leipzig
Gdańsk:15 April - 29 May 2005
Leipzig: 6 May - 9 July 2005
Participating Institutions
Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk
Experimentale e.V., Leipzig

Unwanted Heritage?
A symposium accompanying the exhibition
16 April 2005