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Vellrath, Katrin
Born in 1975 in Bonn; Theatre Studies at the Free University of Berlin. Kathrin Vellrath is a member of the Duo “Milch” (Milk). She lives and works in Berlin.
2000 “Social Park” CD Saasfee, Frankfurt
2004: “Europa”, EP, scheinselbstständig, Köln (Theatre music with Christoph de Babalon, directed by Schirin Khodadadian)
Theatre productions:
2002: “Train spotting” (Irvine Welsh), Ingolstadt Theatre
2003: “Das Maß der Dinge” (The Measure of Things - Neil La Bute), Ingolstadt Theatre
2004: “So wild ist es in unseren Wäldern schon lange nicht mehr” (It’s not that wild in our woods any more - Theresa Walser), Kassel Theatre.
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