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Plischke, Thomas
Born in 1971, Thomas Plischke studied at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Unversität in Munich and at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. He was a founding member of B.D.C. and of the “frankfurter küche” (frankfurt kitchen) in Leipzig. In the latter, he works exclusively with Kattrin Deufert as his artistic twin in “deufert + plischke”. The pair produces theatre projects, slide and video installations, and text and video publications. In 1998 Thomas Plischke was awarded the Philip Morris scholarship for “most outstanding performer”, and in 2000 he received the Dance Promotion Prize of the City of Munich. In the same year, the magazine “Ballet International” declared him the “most important new choreographic talent”. In the 1990s, Thomas Plischke choreographed three solo pieces “Fleur”, “Demgegenüber Borniertheit” (“On the other hand, bigotry”), and “l'homme A SORTIR AVEC son corps”, as well as the group piece “Events for Television (again)”. With Kattrin Deufert, since 2001, he has created such pieces as “inexhaustible (RW)”, “Directory” and “As if (it was beautiful)”. Thomas Plischke lives in Hamburg.
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