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Buckingham, Matthew
Matthew Buckingham was born in 1963 in Nevada/Iowa. He studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Iowa, as well as in New York. One of his numerous scholarship grants brought him to Berlin.
The recipient of several awards, his works probe into how history is formed, how it is conveyed to us in images and texts, and its contemporary narrative forms. In numerous film projects and video installations he has pursued these issues using historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, and Edgar Allan Poe. With projects employing photography, film, video, sound recordings, texts, and drawings, he examines the role played by social memory in contemporary life. Matthew Buckingham’s work has been featured in solo exhibitions in Milwaukee, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver, Dallas, New York, Münster, St Louis, and Vienna. He works and lives in New York.
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