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Borczuch, Michał
Michał Borczuch about himself:
My idea to get into theatre arose when I was still a student at ASP (Academy of Fine Arts) in Kraków. Somewhere between Alain Resnais’s “Last Year at Marienbad” and the early records by David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust. In my second year at Kraków’s PWST (State Drama School) I assisted Paweł Miśkiewicz in his production of Dea Loher’s “Innocence” at the Stary Teatr. Subsequently, at the festival “baz@rt 2004”, I made my stage direction debut with Małgorzata Owsianys play “Komponenty” (“Components”) – a social comedy about teenagers in a Polish tower block district. At the same time I earned my degree in graphic art with a cycle of prints under the title “The City as Prey.” Inspiration by René Pollesch’s text “Stadt als Beute” was rather minor, though. My second work as a stage director—“Wielki człowiek do małych interesów”, based on a text by Aleksander Fredro—came in the spring of 2005 as part of the festival “Re_wizje Romantyzm” (“Re_visions Romanticism”), organised by the Stary Teatr. Both productions passed into the repertoire of the Stary Teatr. I look for inspiration in texts by Jelinek, Koltès, Schwab, recently Mariveaux, in the films by Cronenberg, and in cheap TV productions. At the same time I continue drawing and engage in designing stage sets. (I am co-designer of stage sets for my own productions and for “Romeo und Juliet” directed by Ewa Kutryś at Kraków’s PWST.)
To me, a dramatic text becomes interesting at the very moment when intense yet incoherent images result in a certain tension, and theatre at the very moment when nothing is happening at all and the heroes are living in blissful ignorance. Disrupting this peace is a provocation, as with Marthaler or Castorf.
Currently I am working on Paweł Sala’s text “Ciemno wszędzie” (“Darkness Everywhere”) – a spiritualist séance to be shown at the “baz@rt 2005” festival.
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